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Jim Goodwin’s law practice centers on the representation of clients involved in expert-intensive, complex litigation—primarily product liability, fire cause and origin, and medical malpractice defense matters. Jim has always enjoyed the art of persuasion. Before attending law school, he obtained his Master’s degree in Communications. Being able to employ what he learned about the art of persuasion over the course of his career has proven very rewarding. Being a litigator is Jim’s passion.

Jim has always been drawn to complex litigation because he finds the work fascinating, and because of the caliber of experts he gets to work with on a routine basis. Ask just about any trial court judge and they will tell you that the attorneys who take on such complex cases are among the most talented litigators they see, and Jim has had the benefit of working both alongside, and across the table from, some of the best lawyers and experts in the country. Exposure to such amazing talent has helped Jim continue to evolve and develop a litigation style that can be effective in just about any jurisdiction.

Jim started his career as a prosecutor, where he tried literally hundreds of cases in front of judges. Now, with over 20 years in practice, Jim has successfully taken over fifty jury trials to verdict—many involving multi-million dollar exposure and punitive damages claims, with dozens of witnesses and weeks spent in the courtroom.

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